Any ladies who have a profitable side hustle & a 9-5 job

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Hi Kristie! Great question that was discussed recently- thought you might be inspired by some of the responses here :)
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Thank you!
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Hello! I also work in marketing and have a side hustle. My side hustle is an e-commerce business. For a bit of context: my e-commerce business/side hustle is my dream. I was working on it full-time for about a year and a half before I reentered the traditional workforce with my current job. It's been hard to manage both, but it helps that my side business is such a hobby/source of joy for me and I also like my day job (and it is what keeps me financially stable/feeling comfortable!). I'm still working on finding that balance.I would love to speak with you further if you are interested in connecting! I don't know many people who are in a similar situation, so would be great to have someone to brainstorm/chat with in a similar boat!
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Yes! I would love to connect. It's great to find someone else in a similar boat.
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@KristieLee @leighkloss I would love to connect with you both. I am in that situation too! Though I actually took 3 months unpaid leave from my full time job. I recently started charging money for my side hustle and it's been so exciting.
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That would be great! I'll message you both and see if we can get something on the calendar =)