Imagine what an enourmous injection of empathy could do for your team, relationships or business.

Last week I announced our new open Inclusive Leadership Programme at Diversily - for people managers from across the tech sector to learn, share and grow together.

I am honoured to share that the inspiring Jo Berry will be one of our guest speakers and facilitators. She is a Global Leader, Speaker and Expert in Conflict Transformation and Empowering Positive Change. Her father was killed in the 1984 IRA bombing in Brighton. She met with the man responsible, Patrick Magee which led to them speaking on over three-hundred occasions on a shared platform, to bring a message of understanding and peace.

Jo uses her incredible story as a platfom to teach others about the real power of unbounded empathy as a leadership skill and the biggest weapon we have to address conflict.

Don't miss opportunity to learn how from one of the best empathy practioners there is!

Hundreds of leaders have already experienced our workshops which have been described as 'life changing', 'eye opening' and 'inspiring'. Our programme is all about giving leaders the mindset, skillset and toolset to become more inclusive and capable leaders who get better results.

The programme also covers:

- Why inclusive leadership is becoming such a critical skill and how to developing your leadership mindset and personal action plan.

- Developing your inclusive leadership skills and self awareness to become an advocate for change, a role model and an ally.

- Traits & behaviours of inclusive leaders and how to take action to leverage diversity and create an inclusive culture of belonging where everyone can thrive.

- How to embed inclusion into your everyday practices such as meetings and recruitment.

- Developing a deeper understanding of: Authenticity – Vulnerability – Psychological Safety – Privilege – Perspective Taking – Empathy - Identity – Limiting Beliefs – Group Dynamics – Inclusive Interactions – Collective Intelligence

Hit reply and I'll be happy to answer any questions.

Warm wishes,