Career Changing from Education to Femtech

Hi everyone!

I'm transitioning out of education (14 years in middle school math + leadership) and into Femtech. I would love to talk to anyone in the industry to learn more about working in this space and hear any advice on how to get into Femtech. I don't want to dive into too many details here, but if anyone is willing to have a chat, I would love to connect and learn!

Thank you so much for considering!


Very exciting, what areas of femtech/women health do you want to do (it's broad!) and what kind of roles? that might help tailor a bit!Check this thread out from a fellow math teacher and all the comments that came were helpful! And this one also
Thank you @iynna! There is definitely some helpful advice in some of those posts in areas I have yet to I have done a significant amount of work to update my resume, figure out what transferable skills I have that would align with my interests, join various networking groups (hello Elpha!), subscribe to newsletters, pour over Linkedin and follow companies/people of interest, cold reach out, etc. The biggest roadblock I'm running into is actually connecting with people in the environment I'd like to move into. What I've quickly learned is it's all about networking and having conversations with the right people to showcase who you are and the work you can do. A little direction from me would definitely be helpful! Here are the sectors of femtech I'm interested in:- Hormonal & cycle support/education- Reproductive and fertility healthcare- Maternal & postpartum healthcare- Women's mental healthThe roles I feel my skillset would best transfer over into are:- Sales/BD- Customer Success/Client Relations- Learning & Development- Chief of StaffI would love to connect with anyone in any of these spaces to learn more about what it's like to work in those environments and learn about any potential opportunities. I feel fairly confident on the other side of "career-changing tactics" - I'm so ready to make this move, I just need someone to see what I can do.