Planning a Career Pivot to Product Enablement

I was recently laid off from my Product Marketing Manager role. It's been a tough reality to accept, but in times like this my inner planner comes out (thank goodness for her).

As I'm thinking through next steps for my career, I find myself not feeling very optimistic or happy about entering another product marketing role. So I've begun exploring other career options and am finding product enablement to be an exciting area to transition to.

Since this is a new area of focus for me, I'm not exactly sure how smooth of a transition to expect. Any Elphas interested in connecting for an informal chat? Or know of Elphas I should connect with?

Thank you so much for the support ❤️

GO YOU! I love that you've been reflecting on everything and now exploring something new! As far as talking to other product enablement folks, perhaps @cyson78 can chat?
Thank you @iynna! I'll give Chi a ping :)