Performance Evaluation Meeting

Hi everyone- I am having my annual evaluation in my new role next week with my manager. My self evaluation was completed already where I listed all my accomplishments and my manager's evaluation of me was completed. I am not sure what she is going to say- I have some idea but - I want to prep for my convo with her - any ideas-

What should I bring with me?

What should I be asking?

This is very exciting and good on you for being prepped for it!How is your manager ie. would they respond well if you had a presentation or would they prefer to keep it casual / conversational? That might inform how you should format this Either way here are the elements I'd suggest bringing up:- Do a review of your responsibilities (if helpful, go back to the JD to read the language but try to focus on the 4-6 things you are doing and that takes the majority of your time- Talk about your goals: for the company, for yourself. Think hard about what you want to accomplish! A good framework might be "by this time next year, I want to have done XYZ" and hear the manager's thoughts ie. is it aligned with what they're envisioning for the company too? Are you all on the same page?- Do a self reflection on you too: things that have well, things that have not gone well and how you can improve (is it something about you as the employee or something bigger than that) and discuss what that plan of action might beI hope this helps and do let us know how it goes!
Thank you
Hi @mscazzero Thanks for sharing! I have found that it can be helpful to have some questions for your Performance interview - for your boss / reviewing person. If something interesting / unexpected / surprising happened at the company - to ask for their take on it? Or if you met a challenge and review the successful outcome in your meeting - to ask how that person might have responded or managed the challenge if they had been in your shoes? It helps to bond coworkers and can provide super useful insight for you in the days ahead while working together. A collaboration can be formed. Good luck and Happy New Year!
Hello, this can be a little nerve wrecking however, we tend to rate ourselves a lot harder than our leaders do. I recommend you bring a copy of your self performance, so that you can reference it. If there are any notes from 1:1 meetings that you've had or any quarterly evaluations that have been completed throughout the year, bring those as references as well. This way if any priorities have shifted or projects changed, you'll have that information to support the conversation.Hopefully, you have a good relationship with your manager and this will be a cooperative/collaborative conversation. You control your career and your manager is supporting you in doing so.What do you want to get out of the meeting? Are you seeking a promotion or do you want to continue to build mastery in your current role? Either way, what does that look like for you? Share that with your manager so that they can identify any projects or contacts to support you in those goals. Are there any projects or initiatives that you are interested in being involved in? Share that with your manager/leader.Do you have any ideas or creative ways on improving a process or something within your team/area/the business? Share that with your manager. Ask your manager what is next for your role/position? (expansion, growth, leadership, etc.)Ask are there any leadership or organizational changes that they are aware of? How does that impact their role, your role, the team? When your boss provides feedback on areas that could be stronger in your performance, ask, what they might suggest as ways to help you strengthen those areas? Be prepared to share any feedback with your manager on things that are working in their management style and things that may not be working or be getting in the way of your performance goals. If they are not aware or never hear it, they won't have an opportunity to correct it. All the best!
Look back at your self-eval, is there anything you missed or feedback you've gotten from peers, people you manager or anyone you've worked with?If you can see your manager's evaluation, look through for places where their evaluation and yours don't match. That's an important point to clarify.As someone else said, is there a goal for you (beyond getting feedback)? Great managers give feedback all year long and the performance review is a summary and next steps meeting.I love it when my team comes in with areas they'd like to grow in the next year. Particularly, if there is something I'm working on they'd like to get involved in. It shows a growth mentality.