Sharing my personal project (and how I got there!): a custom email job alert for tech companies

Although I've been lurking this channel intensively over the past few months, this is my first post. So, first of all - hi Elphas! šŸ‘‹Four years ago, I started freelancing to have flexibility to work more on side projects.But last year, I reconsidered. None of my MVPs had picked up. I missed the drive of working on one problem. Full-time employment looked like the solution.My job search journey was... illuminating. Candidate tools were not built for me, where the process of finding the right role is continuous: checking out and reading up on companies, with no deadline to find a job.I talked this over with a friend, who was going through the same journey. We had an idea: could we build the tool we wish existed for people like us to find the right job?So the job search turned into a side project, which I'd love to share with you: is an email job alert for tech roles where you can pick which companies to follow.We launched last month and I have ā€” for the first time ā€” actual users using my side-project! šŸŽ‰I'm still continuing the freelancing but trying to spend more and more time on We're already supporting Ā±10k companies (the likes of Notion, Webflow Intercom, Slack, Shopify, Spotify, etc) but there's still a lot of functionalities we want to add!I'd love for you Elphas to check it out and let me know what you think! Right now I'm living off feedback. :) And if anyone needs any help with freelancing or job hunting, don't hesitate to reach out! Happy to give a hand with intros or tips.
I just subscribed, clearly looking good. This is a pain point, getting new jobs alerts from companies I like. I like the idea of the Chrome plugin.
Thanks for the kind comments, Dhara! šŸ™ Feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions or feedback!