FREE Career Coaching event - one-on-one open office hours chats

Hey pals!

I know a lot of you know me, and if you don't "hi" Tracy Michele Bullock here - Career Coach and #elpha regular. Nice to e-meet you!

This event is a bit of back-school-ish idea to open up my cal for anyone who has a question , is coaching curious, seeking founder/startup support, job search, consulting, or freelancing advice or support. [New grads welcome too!]

The time is all yours - 30 min sessions - as what you want, we'll get you support, resources, next steps, whatever helps - I m here for it.

For more about me - you can browse my site [] for more, BUT in short - 5 years FT coach, previous start up COO [we sold and so I went solo! BOOM!], women-in-tech expert, as well as career generaltist.

Thanks for reading. Pop at time in. OR send me an email if that is better for you:

[email protected]

Happy weekend, LONG weekend, and start of September! xoxo

Tracy Michele Bullock

Thank you so much for your generosity with your time! Booked! :-D
You are super! So enjoyed chatting MORE soon xoxo