FREE Career Coach Open Office Hours #hitmeup

Hey there Elphies! Tracy Michele Bullock here- Career Coach with a special focus on folks in Tech - within companies, freelancers and founders too! Elpha OG and HUGE community fan. Looking to the end of the month, I have some space on my calendar, and would love nothing more than to share it with y'all! Pop time in and let's getcha some speed coaching - questions answers, strategies set, next steps planned, good times had! Thanks all. Have a super weekend and chat soon!xoTracy
Hi TracyThanks for the post. I am a Senioir Marketing Manager , living in Paris. I am interested in your proposal. How could I check your free agenda ?RgdsElvire
Nice to meet you! Pop a time in here: talk soon! Looking forward xo@Elvira
Ill be booking! I am in a career transition from startup founder -> product or something similar
Great! Nice to emeet you @Evalana422 pop a time in and let's talk!