Elpha Techies – Kelly Fryer: Driving diversity in venture capital is key to support diverse founders and create greater global impactFeatured

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Kelly, you're awesome! I love it when people make time for their outside interests -- I myself am about to go backcountry skiing in Chile! >>"Too frequently, people feel they need to have all of the information, skills, and knowledge to be able to take on a new project. However, some of the most exciting and impactful work can start with taking risks, improvising, and infusing dynamic entrepreneurial energy. " --> I've found this to be so, so true. When I talk to people about some of the problems they see within their own industries and ask them why they don't just "do something about it," I usually get some variant of "it's really complicated, and I'm not qualified." The notion of having to be the top expert seems to be tied into a fear of failure/rejection, and I so badly wish for people, especially women, to give fewer f*cks -- there's so much to discover out there, but you won't discover much of it without taking any risks!
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I can see how worked that hustle! Gaining experience that just built upon each new set of skills. I'm really impressed with the marathon that you ran to get to where you are and appreciate what you continue to do to help of WOC.