XX's first Online Demo Day

Hey Elphas!I'm here to share our first online demo day! XX is an accelerator I started to fund more female founders - then I learned that the point is not to "fund more women" but to share on platforms like Elpha and diversify the applicant pool. Turns out when you pick the best from a diverse pool, the best founders are diverse. :) Check out our Demo Day, watch founders pitch and invest in your favorite! There are some Elphas fundraising like @Aziza, @emilyrasmussen, @sfortunato and more female founders. p.s. There are a couple startups in our Demo Day that found out about us through @quinneyeQ who's been instrumental in encouraging founders on this platform. It's honestly been super inspiring to see her cheer for her friends. And I couldn't have started XX without Elpha where so many of you were open to talking to me. So thank you all!
I am so grateful to both Elpha and XX. Without Elpha I wouldn't have met so many amazing and inspiring female entrepreneurs. XX has been an incredible opportunity that I learned about through @quinneyeQ, who encouraged me to apply. XX has, despite the current pandemic, enabled me to start my startup during the most difficult of times without ever leaving my home (social distancing), and paired me with the most amazing, inspiring and generous mentors who are helping me become the best founder I can be. Truly, I've struggled many years and I've shared that on Elpha sometimes through anonymous posts. Things became very hard for me towards the end of last year. XX has turned that completely around, and I'm just so grateful to @jiwonmoon and her team!
Aziza, meeting founders like you is what motivates me and our team. I'm really grateful we met and we'll continue to work together :) You're a big inspiration for me!
The xx team, the xx founders, and the xx mentors are some of the most impressive, diverse group of people I've ever met and worked with. They're truly working together to build a better world. Each person in this community is strong, kind, and perseverant. If you'd like to support this cause: 1. Check out the demo day at,2. Tell your friends about it, 3. Invest if you can! The cool thing about this is that anyone can invest!!
Aww thanks so much for your kind words, Nodira. You make XX what it is!
Hi Jiwon. Thanks for the kind words. I am very inspired to see the work that you've been doing and would like to go on record as saying that you talk the talk AND walk the walk. Best of luck to the Elphas going through Demo Day. Proud to know and support you. :)
Quinn, I appreciate your kind words :) We're all in this together!
Definitely check this event out, everyone! Some awesome founders and solutions fighting COVID-19.I’ll also back the xx team in for being advocates for founders at the earliest stages. We need more people like @jiwonmoon in venture!
Arielle! It's been so long. So good to hear from you!!
@jiwonmoon CONGRATS on your first EVER online demo day! How do you feel about the event? And what would you say was the most challenging in putting it up?I am sure it was amazing and @Aziza, @emilyrasmussen, @sfortunato who are already on Elpha let us know what you need!