Raising up to $5M from best friends, family, hs teachers, first usershttps://wefunder.com/raise

This looks great from a logistics perspective. Also, though, still relies on people having large personal networks which contain people with money and locks out large swathes of founders who were probably the ones struggling in the first place. If I had people with money in my network I’d go to them directly. Why did you choose to not open it up to the public as a general crowdfunding platform?
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Hey there! Yes, people with a larger network may benefit but in most Wefunder campaigns, about half the investors come from your network and the other investors come from the Wefunder network. I had a friend raise on Wefunder and he said 90% of his investments came from Wefunder (rare but still happens!). Wefunder raises work really well for companies with a social impact mission, a crazy moonshot idea or companies with large followings. It's definitely not for everyone but imagine your customers who invest in your restaurant coming back with friends because they want you to be successful. Investors are often invested in your success and it makes them feel good and proud to support businesses they believe in. Could you clarify your second question please? All campaigns on Wefunder are public and open for anyone to invest in. :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts!