Can a domestic helper, who was a Mechanical Engineering Drop-out, find success after taking a career suicide?

Well, this would be a shock to the ones who knew me. Imagine what my mother's reaction after learning what I did. I took a career suicide, and worked as DH in KSA. Here is the story... In my last semester in college, I realized what I wanted to do with my life. And it has nothing to do with working as an engineer for other people's company. I can't afford it anyway. I want to help, protect, and teach my people how to succeed in life.Ironic. But hear me out. As a person, I find my purpose and happiness in being useful to the ones I cared about. I care about Allah.And he instructed me, to care about everything and everyone, especially my family. And the only way I would be able to do that, is to become strong on my own. Face my fears, and use everything I have to build something for my self. Build my own company. Take charge of my life, and live in the best way possible. Without regrets, as I close my eyes on my death bed. Embracing who I am, a Muslim woman, trying to make a better world, by changing herself first for the better, and outwards.And passing this 2 years examination, as a domestic helper, will definitely equip me with the necessary tools and skills I needed to become stronger than I have been. I have the ideas and resources. What I need is the software to function under pressure. Working 16hours/daily for 2 years, will teach me resilience. At least. In Sha Allah [By God's Will] Thank you everyone. And I will pray for your successes in this world and the hereafter. Always.
Thanks for sharing your story! I think it's wonderful that you listened to your heart and are determined to carve out your own path, working in something that you deeply care about. All the best to you!
Thank you.I just hope that I am strong enough to do as I planned. Please pray for me. And I will pray for you as well. God bless. And may you attain success as well.