What do you find most challenging about job hunting? #jobseekerspoll

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The most exhausting things when I was looking last year and the year before were 1) having the exact same conversation with two or three recruiters a week and 2) the fact that every place I applied to required me to create an account (with a password!) on their web site and copy all of the information from my resume into their particular form fields *in addition* to uploading the thing as a PDF or whatever.
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Thank you for sharing your experience of job hunting @RebeccaStevenson. Working with recruiters can be beneficial, but also frustrating if they are not on the ball, some are better than others. I agree sometimes employers don't always make it easy to apply with less than optimal systems!!
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Hi @ekuacant , thanks for the great question! To me the most painful part of job hunting has the lack of response. I've sent out my resume 90 times in the last couple of months, no interviews. I've reached out to people personally on LinkedIn... No response. The worst is probably when I've reached out and we've had good conversations and they promise to get back to me or do x or y and then... Ghosted. It eats at my confidence!
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Thank you @heleenvs for sharing your experience of job hunting. I really empathise with that not having a response is really frustrating, when you are taking the time and effort to put in high quality applications. It's also demoralising to have good conversations which have lead to no follow up. I would say keep at it and perhaps get someone in the industry that you're applying in to give you feedback on your Resume. It may be that a little tweak could help. In regards to conversations with people re opportunities, even if they say they'll get back to you, I'd also just send a follow up reminder message.