Online banking options for startups

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Not a founder but work with many a few I know of Silicon Valley Bank, Mercury, Brex, or First RepublicLet's also see what others suggest!
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Thank you Iynna, I will review these options and keep you posted on the one we choose in case it helps other Elphas :)
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Hi Patricia! I love the mission behind what you're doing. This is so important! I'm a co-founder and the CEO of focused ( We help you get your work done through 1-1 video calls. We match you with a trained host who supports you through accountability, guidance, and a bit of meditation. For our banking, we use Mercury. I love it and the experience has been seamless. For payments, we take payments on our website (Squarespace) and our payment processor is Stripe (which takes 3%). This solution has worked really well for us so far. Let me know if I can answer any other questions.
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Nodira, thanks for sharing about Mercury. We use Stripe as well. Most importantly thank you for sharing about Focused. I love how you incorporate neuroscience and behavioral/cognitive psychologist into the "focused method". I will read more about Focused!