Exploring getting into Instructional Design, Education Technology?

Hi Elphas. I'd love to hear your advice. I have been in business roles (sales, marketing, business development, partnerships) in tech for over 10 years - digital advertising and IT consulting services (cloud). I am currently looking to get into an area that is more connected to my "why", join an ed tech and and/or digital health startup. I am exploring the Instructional Design path - designing learning experiences using technology. I am looking for any insights around a career in Instructional Design, to explore if it is a good fit for me. Thank you. Happy Friday!
Hi, @patriciapalacios - My graduate degree is in instructional technology and I used to run one of ADP's Learning & Performance organizations. If you'd like to chat, let me know. :)
Thanks for your response @CPeer, I just sent you a message. Patty.
Hey @patriciapalacios you should look into the Association of Talent and Development (ATD ) look at ID classes then find your local ATD chapter become a member and network. The ATD community is great! There are a lot of Instructional Designers out there that you can have informational interview. Good luck!
Thanks for your response @jesskubat, I will definitely explore ATD. Thanks for sharing. Patty.