Transitioning from community leader to writer

After two years of trying to get my community going, I've decided to close it.

My consulting business which was revving up at the end of 2021 has since gone silent

So I'm now faced with trying to find a way to get back to doing freelance writing for organizations after having put a pause on my writing career.

My first instinct is to look for a job. But after a LOT of interviews, and NO offers, I really can't emotionally do that again, go through interviews, wasting my time, for rejections that are one sentence.

"We decided to go a different direction"

I am done with feeling like I have to beg for jobs.

So here's what I can share: I'm a writer.

A good writer, with a BA in Journalism.

If you know of any companies within the community or tech industry looking for blog content writers, please forward them. me information to [email protected] or send my website, www.

I've been in this space for a while, but don't know where I fit in this community, maybe it's with other writers, maybe it isn't.

Please let me know if I am breaking rules, and remove this post.