Hi elphas!

We've got a Career Mapping Workshop coming up in a few weeks I wanted to make sure I shared with ya'll!

Call it the great resignation / quiet quitting / great restructure - whatever is going on for you, if you're thinking about your options - our Career Mapping Workshop might be for you.

We take a strengths-based approach to mapping out your options and thinking strategically about what feels right for you.

First, you take the Gallup StrengthsFinder tool - a globally recognized assessment that gives you powerful insights and language to communicate your strengths. Then you’ll map out potential career options that match your interests and strengths. And last, you’ll do a strategic analysis (like a fancy SWOT analysis) of your options to help you identify what feels right for you.

We’ve got a discounted rate good through Monday - you can take $5 off the price with code ‘ELPHA’ too!

There’s a reason we’ve been running this workshop in person and virtually for almost 6 years.

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