Volunteering for pro-choice candidates

I'm saddened by today's news about Roe v Wade. We can do a lot to uplift candidates that fight for pro-choice female candidates in states where abortion is now illegal.

Is anyone interested in volunteering on campaigns?

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The energy we need right now.
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Definitely! Please let me know if there's anything I can do
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Yes! Please let me know how I can get involved
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Yes I am! Time to really get involved
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I’m in.
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Count me in as well.
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Yes please!
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I would like to collaborate on building a one stop shop resource where women can seek guidance, transportation, accommodation and abortion care outside their state. Any one like to put heads together for a good cause. I want to use my tech platform for social good in a critical time for vulnerable members of thepopulation. ([email protected]) 9174077396
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Count me in.
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Definitely in!
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I wonder if i was aborted in a lifetime where i could have been employed...if that was the case....this new law seems to be on revenge par
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I am in Europe but keen to help on any way I can
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Count me in!
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If you can work with data check out https://www.bluebonnetdata.org/
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Thanks, everyone!! I'm going to message you individually to see how I can help plug you in!
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Hi @karissabarnett! I just launched a project (in ~12 hrs so excuse any clunkiness) that hosts a community forum "safe spaces" both physical and digital, for hosting and seeking room. Also, hoping it expands into a forum to discuss women's healthcare access and various life experiences we go through. Looking for volunteers and or any help! Please if you have a moment check it out here <3 www.athenacollective.io email: [email protected]