Kickboxing & Yoga Class in Oakland

If you're in the Bay Area, come join my friend Molly and me for kickboxing & yoga!

This summer we're teaching a weekly kickboxing class in Snow Park on Wednesdays 5-6pm and sometimes we grab a drink or food afterwards with everyone! You can just show up. Our website shows the exact location:

We also have a monthly outdoor class at Original Pattern Brewing one Sunday a month 11am-12pm and you get a drink with your ticket purchase. Register here for June!

Follow us on IG for classes times: @kickitandflow_oakland or DM me and I'll add you to our email list!

Hope to meet you soon!

OMG! Are you the one and only KickItByEliza! I took some classes with you pre-COVID during my NYC Studio bender either at Athleta, NYRR or Lululemon - can't recall but I really enjoyed them! NI have tons of classmates in the Bay right now doing their summer internships so I just shared with the group - hopefully you have a nice group of folks joining you!