Looking for virtual team offsite/bonding ideas

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There were some great ideas from these threads! - https://elpha.com/posts/9e4zclhn/anyone-have-any-virtual-team-bonding-ideas- https://elpha.com/posts/vmawhi9c/newly-remote-team-bonding-activities-learnings-from-a-fully-remote-team-retreatAnd, a Google doc with an extensive list of online boardgames:- https://docs.google.com/document/d/10iOD7Wy_YU4NmkPU7ZH7YTrq11qJAANjZZ0PAotKhR8/editAt my company, we also did a virtual murder mystery a few months ago as our holiday event, and they were amazing and hilarious! https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/1996294
I had recently asked a similar question (while it was for virtual happy hour, some of this can definitely apply to your question).https://elpha.com/posts/y19nl4yp/ideas-for-virtual-happy-hour-games-etc
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My company uses Airbnb experiences quite often and we did one that was a chocolate making class, super accessible with very little supplies needed and the guy who did it was great, here’s the link: https://abnb.me/CwGGaVGeyeb
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I recommend to check Hopin for a team bonding session. They have some cool functionalities that can make the event closer to an person event and create that kind of serendipity moments.https://hopin.com/
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Hi @jessieheng - my company, Bask + Being does virtual offsite workshops that serves as fun team bonding, empathy building, and stress relief. Shoot me an email if you’d like to talk about it kasey @ baskandbeing . Com🧡
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hi @jessieheng 👋love your post! these events are so important for team camaraderie. check out www.offsyte.co for some ideas, we started our company to help teams easily find and book team events! over the past few months we've hosted over 150 different companies from early-stage startups to fortune 500s, google, apple, linkedin, fb, netflix, stripe, dropbox, robinhood, notion, and many many more. feel free to DM if you want some personal recommendations. ;)