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I run employee engagement at a fully remote tech company and our exec board is wanting to introduce more guest speakers as part of our learning & development offerings. The issue is we don't have too much of a budget allocated for this - it's capped at around $1-2k a speaker, and the last thing I want to do is be the company that low-balls/underpays professionals what they're worth.

Any recomendations on resources, sites, or groups that I can look into that offer services at that price point? Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

What profile of speakers are you looking after? Elpha is an amazing place and I can recommend you people! Also i think this budget is extremely reasonable especially if this presenter is remote! Feel free to reach out if you want to brainstorm offline!
Mostly speakers for heritage months. I will reach out to you via DM - thanks!!
Hey, Gregoria, I've done that before, and the budget is not ridiculous - it just does not fit some hyped profiles out there...If it's "just" quality, inspiration and impact you're after, and not big brands, let me know, it can be worked out.
I'd also love to learn more about the profile of speakers and desired topics as I might be able to help you further. Feel free to DM me.
Another suggestion is to tap into your broader network as well as the one from your Executive Team, some folks may be willing to be a guest speaker as a favor, no budget, but to get awareness to their causes.
That’s a fantastic suggestion!+1 OP!
,Hi @gregoria21 please keep me and my services in mind!Some of the topics I cover are:

✨ Intentionally embedding inclusive practices in everything we do
✨ Building Intentionally Inclusive Talent Practices
✨ Inclusive Hiring and Diversity Recruiting
✨ Inclusive language
✨ Minimizing Biases
✨ Inclusive Leadership
✨ Supporting Latine Talent
✨ Supporting Immigrant TalentI'm also just starting to book engagements for Hispanic Heritage Month! Some of the services I'm offering are: 💜 Corporate Webinars & Training Sessions💜 Panels and Q&A Sessions💜 Panel Hosting and Moderation💜 ERG/BRG Planning and Support Sessions💜 Express Consultation Sessions: We can review, edit, and update your ideas, strategies, plans, and communications for HHM.💜 Guest Blogging & Article Writing💜 Paid Sponsored ContentPlease ping me directly or find me on LinkedIn:
I might be able to help as well. Feel free to DM (particulalry around Employment Disability Awareness in October) and my network has other speakers too.
Can vouch! Maggie is dope!
I am interested in the opportunity at s minimum of $2,000.I speak on employee advocacy, career branding, internal marketing and reimagining and the employee experience, especially for underrepresented historically excluded groups in tech. Let's connect Jeneba [email protected]
Emailing you now!
Hi GregoriaI have a database of speakers who would be in this price point and also happen to be running an organisation that looks at DEI in Startups. Would love to connect. ThanksPreethi
Thanks Preethi! I'll send you over a DM.
Hi! How can I add my name to your database?
Hi! I'm an Entrepreneur in Residence and I teach/speak on corporate entrepreneurship and product design for startup companies. I'd be happy to connect and see if there is a good fit! Even if not, there are other people in my network more engaged in DEI/leadership activities I'd be happy to connect you with
Hey there! I do corporate speaking gigs on the following topics: creating sustainable life and work cadences, a unique approach for managing and processing overwhelm (individually & as a team), and why work/life balance is bullshit and what to do about it. Feel free to DM me if any of those are of interest!
I am interested in the opportunity @Gregoria21 I speak on soft skills related topics (mostly for women) that include: self-love and self care, confidence, how to be assertive without being seen as aggressive, being in your power, creative problem-solving, resilience & flexibility.Jenna Banks[email protected]
I'm open to being a speaker for your event. Considering that the speaking engagements are virtual, I find your rates to be reasonable. Please feel free to send me a PM, and I'll be happy to share my Speaker sheet with you. or you can email me at [email protected]
Happy to chat. I do not think that budget is too low if the speaker is not traveling. My rates are on par and I do a ton of speaking engagements (happy to chat)
If you're still looking for speakers, I'm happy to represent as an AAPI member. Here's my LinkedIn and list of topics I'm able to speak about:💡 Delivering Software through Software Engineering + DevOps + Data Science leadership and technical expertise💡 Influencing and contributing to team dynamics💡 Personal and professional development, career clarity, and storiesHere is my LinkedIn Profile: