Anyone in the cultural or travel industry willing to chat?

Hi elphas!My name is Teresa and I am a Product & Innovation Consultant. I am a big lover of the cultural (art, magazines, galleries, museums,...) and travel (hotels, tourism, local experiences) industries so I would like to specialize in these sectors. I have some hypothesis of services that are in need and I could offer but I would like to validate them before I create a website and start investing my time in them.Woud any of you working in these sectors be willing to chat?Thanks a lot!Teresa
I can try to help! I have 10+ years of industry experience and hold accolades within the industry.
Awesome! :) Contacting you now!
Hey Teresa - I have a hospitality background (8 years in hotels working in ops and HR, 6 years working in the Orlando theme parks during school, and a degree in Hospitality Management). Happy to chat and see if I might be able to help!
Hi Lisa! That sounds perfect :) I'll PM you just now!
Hi Teresa!I have a degree in tourism and worked in the industry for quite some time! I am creating a business in cultural tourism. Would love to chat!
Let's do that! I'll PM you in a sec :)