Professional and social networking app

Hi everyone :)

I am Georgiana, founder and CEO of Crossingz (previously in Finance at ECB, Goldman Sachs and Product at Amazon). We are launching a professional and social networking mobile app! We know that our professional trajectories are nonlinear nor unique, so the mobile app is matching people via 1:1s and events with others pursuing similar paths (don't search alone) or who already made similar jumps. Whether you are figuring out your career goals, partner with others or pivot, this app is helping you do this efficently, skip multiple steps and cold emails.

Waitlist early access : Invite

We're looking for event hosts in Elpha's community to collaborate with for the launch and for those with a passion for Marketing to help us sharpen the go to market strategy. There is the exciting opportunity to join us long term and lead the Marketing team. If interested, please drop a comment/ DM and am happy to connect and give access to the private beta, share more about the opportunity.

Thanks :) !

Already sent my invite request. Best wishes for this project!