I've just launched my podcast series EllePod featuring stories of women in tech & business!!https://ellepod.com

EllePod features the stories of women leaders, engineers, designers, founders, VCs, and all sorts of different females in tech and business who are succeeding in their careers. Please go listen to the podcast, subscribe/follow it on Spotify and/or Apple Podcasts and your favorite podcast platform.PS: I m actively looking for females to invite on the show, feel free to reach out to me!!
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Congratulations! I just sent you a note separately :)
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This is great, Abir. I subscribed. I'd also love to be on the show. I generally talk about how I bootstrapped my first business to $50 million annual revenue and sold it to a public company.
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Wow, if you do end up on the Podcast please let me know. I'd love to hear about how you did that.
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Just listened to the second episode ā€” great work Abir!
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Thank you Isabel!
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Thank you!!
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This is awesome! Congrats! šŸŽˆ Iā€™m a former 15 year corporate hustler turned intuitive life coach + nomad. If that interests you, Iā€™d love to connect further to see if our energies vibe.