I'm launching Notation Moonlight in NYC: a free 8 week program (part-time) for aspiring founders/ entrepreneurs in NYC! πŸŒ™https://www.notion.so/kwuuuz/Notation-Moonlight-6abe702823134feea252c3b62beec84b

Hi everyone! My name is Katherine, and I am currently a Principal at Notation Capital, a pre-seed venture capital fund here in NYC. Last week, we announced Notation Moonlight: it’s an 8-week program (completely free, part-time) for those of you in NYC who perhaps want to start a company someday, but worried about taking the first steps! πŸ‘£To give more context to this- this is a program that I'm personally really excited about. I can go on and on about the motivations and thinking that lead to the creation of this program, but a lot of it has to do with what I've noticed in the venture/ startup industry: namely, the very real barriers that network, connections, and knowledge that exists as roadblocks for so many talented and underestimated founders and founders-to-be!This program will start super small (likely around 20 people, and will be virtual given COVID), because it's just me and the two GPs of Notation w who are running this behind the scenes-- but we've also asked and enlisted the help of some really amazing NYC based founders, operators, and investors-- and participants will all have access to these people. Please apply/share if this is a good fit for you or anyone in your network- I'd really appreciate it! πŸ™πŸ»And of course please feel free to comment/ dm/ reach out with any questions you all may have. Thank you all so much! ❀️ Applications are open till the end of this month.Link to more information on the program, as well as application and FAQs are here: https://www.notion.so/Notation-Moonlight-6abe702823134feea252c3b62beec84b
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@katherinewu - this is amazing, definitely sharing :)
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thank you so much! πŸ’–
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Wow! this is amazing. Just applied.
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I just started working at an early stage startup, and it's the first startup I'm working at. I can really definitely benefit from these courses -- can I still apply?