Salary changes for companies going remote

I was hired as a remote PM on the east cost. The salary was also decided based on that as one of the factors. Now the company has gone fully remote with some offices getting closed. Is it right to ask for salary adjustment as it doesng really matter in which part of the US you are working from, tier 1 city or tier 2.

Hi there! From what I've heard and read, employers are fairly split on this. While cost-of-living once played a huge role in determining how much salaries should be discounted or raised, it’s started becoming less common practice even before the pandemic. With that, I don't think it hurts to ask, I would just make sure that you do some research before hand on other remote companies' comp philosophy so that you're going into the meeting prepared and with a holistic perspective. Here are some articles that are kind of interesting:,competition%20to%20adjust%20salary%20rates.
Thank you MichelleFuentes. This is quite helpful.
Of course! Happy to help in any way 😊
I think it's fair to expect cost of living to be factored into salaries. I agree that employers are split on this.