ATTN HR Pros: Drop your Favorite Tools/Apps/Website Resources! I'm creating a roundup of the best and I'd love your ideas!

I'm creating a free list of the best tools/apps/resources for HR/Recruiters/Talent Acquisition and other Hiring Leaders, so tell me everything you love!! Whether it's people management software, Chrome extensions, scheduling apps, relationship management reminders, or even Personality tests!

If there is a tool or software solution you need, comment so that other Elphas can reply with suggestions.

@emilygiddings, great initiative !I'm currently looking for a HR solution for a startup (6/7 employees) in California, to do payroll, benefit plans, compliance, training. We have been using Gusto so far (only for payroll) > I'm doing a benchmark of existing solutions to be able to grow smoothly. Do you have recommendations ? Thank you very much in advance !