Discuss: How do you identify stand-out candidates? (for TA/Recruiters/Hiring Managers)

I'd love to hear more about your vetting process. How do you identify outstanding candidates you want to interview?

1. Do you use & love any particular software that filters through your top of funnel for hard/soft skills? (Or do they all seem pretty much the same?)

2. Do you find personality assessments helpful (ex: 360, TestGorilla)?

3. Do you use or like AVI (Asynchronous Video Interviewing) software?

4. Do you rely on passive recruiting to keep a steady pipeline of potential?

5. Can you identify what is missing from your tech stack?

OR just tell me what you WISH worked better so I can try to create it!

Currently, we have over 2K active job seekers in a 4.7K community of tech enthusiasts. We're matching them to open roles based on skill and experience but looking for that one-up factor to help them shine and land roles that make everyone happy. It's working well so far, and we have theories about how to improve, but I'm always doing research, so I'd love to know what is and isn't working for you.

Really interesting set of questions! Personally, I would be VERY wary of any companies that ask candidates to take personality tests, as I strongly believe the environment should be inclusive enough to let all personalities thrive!
I was asked to take a personality test by one client. They said they wanted to figure out which management approach would work best for me. Since it was a management consulting firm, I figured it was part of their schtick, so to speak. They gave me my results - purely analytical, versus critical. It never came up again after that.
I appreciate this perspective!! It's such a balance between gathering information about a candidate while minimizing bias. I am so interested in all the ways tech is addressing that!