Advanced Job Search Strategies & Career Growth Workshops in July - FREE

Rising in your career is largely about communicating your previous experiences and developing rapport. Men are statistically more boastful than women and benefit from it by getting more jobs, promotions, and raises. (Read The Confidence Code if you want to get your mind blown around that)

So here are some upcoming free/live LessonsUp workshops to help you learn how to own your wins and show up to hiring conversations with more confidence and power:

🌟 Acing Phone Screens - Wed, July 13 @ 12PM PDT

  • Discover what they are looking for at this stage in the hiring process and find out how to prepare so you can knock their socks off.

🌟 Advanced Job Search Strategies Thurs, July 14 @ 11:30AM PDT

  • Learn about the framework we follow in our Job Search Boot Camp community to master networking & interviewing to land more offers.

🌟 Interview Prep: Interview Success With Key Results Wed, 7/20 @ 12PM PDT

  • Learn how to tie job description bullet points to key results from previous jobs so you can interview with confidence.

🌟 Talking About Your Pivot In Interviews Wed, 7/27 @ 12PM PDT

  • Learn how to frame your previous experience in terms of the role you want to pivot into. Practice live in breakout rooms!

More LessonsUp Job Seeker Resources:

Thanks for sharing! I'm learning more & more how challenging it can be to really own your wins without feeling like you're bragging...going to check out a couple of these workshops :)
Great! And warning, The Confidence Code book might make you a bit mad; at least it did for me. But I'd rather be mad than cowering or romanticizing my timidity.
thanks for the warning, definitely adding this next on my reading list