Laid Off Toolkit - Free suite of 65+ tools for job seekers!

LessonsUp is working hard to bring support to the layoffs in tech. Today, we're launching a free Laid Off Toolkit on Product Hunt! Help more people see it by commenting, upvoting, sharing, and most importantly, using it.

🥇 What is it? The Laid Off Toolkit is a collection of free apps, websites, templates, frameworks, and resources that have helped our tech community land more and better job offers!🥇 Currently, there are 60+ free resources (salary negotiation calculators, interview prep spreadsheets, resume sites, job search trackers, etc). I'm adding new listings daily and an enhanced guide is coming soon.--🥇 The toolkit is completely free! Job seekers and Hiring Managers can connect to other free resources on our site, including the TalentList, our free job board for tech job seekers.🥇 We know our strategies and tools work because job seekers who use them have a 97% retention rate and a 9% promotion rate within one year. 🎉🥇 Our app and resources are made with love by a distributed team across 6 time zones by a team that is determined to create a hiring process that helps

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