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Two years ago, the startup that I had been working for as CMO was struggling; it was time to start looking for new opportunities. Plus after several years, I was tiring of the space and my role. I needed to feel inspired again.I engaged in an active search, and pursued leads from 1) my direct network and 2) my indirect network-- I kept a spreadsheet of companies that were interesting-- sourced from places like TechCrunch, AngelList, Y-C demo days, and VC portfolio companies. I used LinkedIn to find 1st and 2nd degree connections who could get me very warm intros at those target companies.I knew that whatever I did next, that I wanted to make social impact, and that I wanted my fingerprints all over what the company did. After six months of interviewing and frustration, I ended up getting a great consulting offer from an IT Solutions Provider looking to revamp their Marketing efforts. And while it didn’t check the box on social impact, I was in creative control, the team was solid, and I really hit it off with the founder since she and I had a shared passion for Diversity, Inclusion, and Education. I began consulting, while looking for a full-time role-- when it presented itself it was in a way that I could have never imagined: the IT Solutions firm was spinning out it’s EdTech practice vertical and asked me to run the new company-- it checked all the boxes: CEO, Co-Founder, social impact, diversity and inclusion and education. Inspiration meets us with an unforeseen zig then a zag, and it always ends up better than if we’d taken a linear path.
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