Welcome and Intros: Social Impact Elphas

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Thanks @JocelynDI love the work you are doing,sounds amazing.I founded Abetec Business Solutions to support young social innovators to become more visible and grow their business.I would like to work on a Social innovators market place to help them get their products and services out there especially those doing organic products.I am in business development and so am still hunting for Technical co-founder we move the initiative to the next level.My main focus is paying it forward Kind Regards Betty
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Hi Betty-- looks like you are doing some amazing things in Kenya and beyond. So glad to have you weighing in on this topic and sharing the impact and progress you are making!
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This is still an idea not a thing, but what I think I want to do is bring all of the stuff we've learned about effective teamwork and product development in commercial software to industry sectors that are doing beneficial work and can't pay thousands of dollars for training or coaching. I'm still trying to decide if this is a dumb idea, so feedback is welcome. :)