Advice on starting a new blog

Hey everyone, I am planning to start a new blog series on everything relating to women. I need guidance as to which platform should I be using to publish it.

There are so many publishing platforms out there, and seeing a list of pros and cons like this one may be helpful. For me personally, I've used both Ghost and Wordpress in the past!
Thank you @teresaman
I use Blogger and don't recommend it; Google doesn't maintain it. You can use Notion and buy a few extras to make it show up on search engines with SEO.
Thank you @MorganLucas
@kalpanac What is your ultimate goal for your blog. Are you looking to build an authority website? Monetize/build a business around it? Is a blog the only format you are considering (depending on your goal, a newsletter may be a good option with many solid platforms you can use)?
Hey @Nyaima the goal is to build a personal brand first and then monetize it. The newsletter is a good thought, not sure if the nature of my content will pique interest. The content is primarily revolving around women, health and things that affect me/them.
@kalpanac I agree with @ElleDM, if your goal is to build a personal brand and then Monetize, is the way to go. There are lots of templates, help and support (online), and many plugins that you can use. Wordpress can also grow with you as you build. If you are planning on building yourself, here are two videos to assist you on the web building phase. I find this guy super helpful, but there are a tons of amazing tutorials on Youtube. (How to make a Wordpress site for beginners) (How to build a Blog into your Wordpress site)Re: the Newsletter - Interesting, if your blog content will pique interest (which it must if you are planning to monetize) I am you could do a newsletter. But, definitely a different pathway that is more focused on building community.
Thank you @Nyaima for such exhaustive information. It is quite helpful.
Hi! If the intent is to eventually build out a brand, I recommend self-hosted Wordpress, because it's so flexible. This is different from regular Wordpress which is hosted on their servers and can get pricey if you need more customization (domain, themes, etc.). The only hangup is that you'd need a domain name first. There are a lot of great resources out there and most web hosting services have a one-click process for installing Wordpress on your server. Here's a good overview of the differences: to help out if you run into questions while exploring this!
@ElleDM thank you for the suggestion. I am considering notion to start off with and probably migrate to WordPress once I am able to gauge the feedback.
Oh, I'd never thought of Notion but there's lots you can do on there! Good luck and have fun trying it out :)
@ElleDM thank you, will try and see how it goes. :)
Congratulations on taking action - AWESOME! Great graphics and topic. I never even thought about the gender inequity in furniture creation. Two quick questions: Do you know if your notion site, and substack are searchable by search engines, meaning, if I search google for this topic your article can come up in the results?
Hey @Nyaima thank you for the appreciation and your kind words. Notion does provide google integration but only on subscription. For now, I haven't done it so it won't show on notion. Substack - It isn't showing in search results. Though it is showing up in twitter posts wherein I have shared the article link. Thank you for raising this question. I will check why substack is not showing up.
I appreciate you bringing attention to things even I hadn't thought about.