July Development Free Workshop (Zoom) Pick a topic!https://www.lifebeyound.com

Hi Elphas!With everything going on in the world, I'm thinking of organizing a free Zoom workshop in July/August on:

- Option 1: Emotional Intelligence in the workplace - What does it mean and why is it so important?

- Option 2: Positive communication and Performance - the direct impact.

- Option 3: Managing personal relationships and professional success - the challenges faced by successful female professionals

Which one would interest you the most?I'm a psychologist with over 15 years of experience, and specialize in coaching women through personal and professional challenges.Would love to hear your thoughts 💙


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Hi Brigitte!Thank you for offering this workshop – I'd love to join! Personally, option 2 interests me the most.Isabel
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Thank you for your response and input Isabel :)I'm hoping to make a choice in the next week and will let you know when the workshop is going to happen.See you soon!Brigitte
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Hi Brigitte! Would love to attend any of those workshop topics. If I had to choose 1, maybe Option 3!
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Hi Bonnie 😊Thanks for responding! It's a very interesting topic indeed.Whichever we go for, I hope to see you there! Brigitte 💙
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Hi 👋🏽 Brigitte!I love all the topics yet if I were to choose it would be option 3. I think this month August would do nicely too!