So fascinating! How do you get ideas from these topics?
Thanks, @iynna ideas are coming from things that I am finding uncomfortable. :D
I can so relate!! This photo was taken at Amsterdam's airport (I have another one at my friend's bathroom there) where I am right in front of the mirror but cannot see my face because I'm 5 ft 2 and the mirror is designed for way taller people šŸ˜†
@teresaman I feel you. Happens to me all the time. I think it is about time we start documenting and listing out things that are not designed for us.
Very true. My husband is 6ā€™1. Iā€™m 5ā€™2. Whenever he wants me to try out a chair he thinks is so comfortable, I reply, of course it is - it was designed for you, not me!
@Yelena same here. My partner is 6ft and I am 5'1", most of the furniture suits his frame and not mine. I am thinking of getting stuff custom-made now.