Executive resume review?

Hey I'm Lizthedeveloper and I have founded a few small startups that turned big: Hipcamp, Hackbright Academy, more @

I have not had to put together a resume in some time, and I need several as I'm doing a job hunt during a less-than-ideal timing in the market and my life. I can handle a dev resume (I give coaching to others for this regularly) but need some eyes on the "executive resume". I can't figure out what it's supposed to look like.

I'm looking for new CTO roles, or engineering management at a medium size company, or devops architect. I've run budgets up to ~5M/yr and have supervised up to 25 people, with two layers of managers in between. I've also run several large educational programs as the program manager and technical lead (and lead professor), managing thousands of students and dozens of teachers. Also I can still code, live on stage even, and run a technical interviewing class.

If you have some executive experience and have gotten hired a few times, I need some help trimming down my 20 years of experience and clarifying the details. My full history is up at but obviously I'm focusing on the ELT angle. I'll send the resume over, just let me know you'll take a look and send me an email I can forward it to 🙏🙏🙏

Love this and you'll have no prob being hired even with a longer resume with 20+ years of exp (btw while I'm a big advocate for 1-page resume, for people with over 10 or 15+ years of experience, it's perfectly reasonable and acceptable to have a 2-page resume!)On that note @amandagranson
@LizHoward - send it on over to [email protected]. I'd be happy to check it out.
@LizHoward I don't have experience with CTO executive resumes (my background is in strategy & ops) otherwise I'd offer to help. I got my resume edited by a professional writer (The Copy Canary). They shared these 4 key components for executive resumes and also these two articles: 2-3 pages, clear focus, quantitative key results, and tailoring to the role. I've pivoted since the initial review but found the emphasis on tailoring to roles and tight key results to be the most useful. You probably know this, but in my search I found intros the best way to balance having a longer resume so folks were more open to review. The articles: