Paris meet up?

Hello everyone! I'm currently in Paris- looking to see if anyone wants to join for a meet up to connect? ☺️☺️

Thanks so much! Hoping there can be another meet up soon :)
Hey! How long are you there? I’ll be there from 9/2-9/10
Hey @mandirastalwar - I’ll be in Paris from Aug 24 - Sept 3! Let me know if want to meet up ☕️
Hey @MaureenOchs and @sunainakavi thanks for responding! 🥰Looks like September 2nd works for all of us? I’d be happy to meet in the evening for a drink btw all of us, but lmk if that’s tough with your schedules?
Works for me!
Yes let's do it! What's the best way to correspond? If you and @sunainakavi want to PM me your numbers I can start a text?
Hi @mandirastalwar ! I'm based in Paris, happy to meet-up :)
That’s fantastic! Are you free September 2nd ☺️?
Si tu veux m’envoyer ton numéro en MP, je peux t’ajouter au group WhatsApp!
If this is still happening, I’d like to join! I’m in Paris Sept 2nd.
Amazing! I’ll dm you for your number! We’re getting a group chat started thanks to @MaureenOchs!