Are you an AI/ML Product Manager (ethics leads, engineers, etc.)? Help on our AI Ethics white paper :)


I'm Megan 😄 I'm the CEO & co-founder of daios, a deep tech AI ethics startup. We're researching how to integrate ethical values into ML training data based on human feedback.

We are seeking AI/ML team members to interview for a white paper.

If you are:

  • Working on deployed models (not only building models/research).
  • Based in North America (or work remotely for a company HQ'd in North America).

You would be ideal for our research! You may be a Product Manager, AI/ML Engineer, AI Ethics Lead, Responsible AI Lead, CEO or CTO of an AI startup, etc.

If you are open to a short (10-15min) user interview, please let me know 😄

A little information about our project team:

I've been working in AI/ML for 5+ years. I've been COO twice. My background is in Philosophy and methodology of science, which inspired the current project :)

Andrew is our technical co-founder. He's got a computer science background and most recently was Director of Product, Automation at a startup. He's also an ex-founder.

Tom has a Ph.D. from Berkeley in Machine Ethics and Epistemology. He's currently doing a postdoc at Cornell Tech in Digital Ethics. At the moment, Tom is back at Berkeley for the summer running a discussion cluster on how to incorporate human feedback into AI systems.

We have received a grant from the Notre Dame-IBM Tech Ethics Lab to publish our research before the end of the year 🙌

If you don't quite fit the bill, but still want to keep in the loop, check out our newsletter sign up 📰



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Could you connect with @Catherin3 @elenateytelman @PoojaVoladoddi @jennahong @silviaem @mariel27 who I bet can all be a fit!
Thank you @iynna! :) @meganannebrozek and I have been in touch - I can absolutely participate in the whitepaper :)
Of course you have! I am late to the party! Excited to see what comes out of this partnership
Thanks a lot @iynna! I'll send a message 😊
Happy to help
I am - sorry I am a bit late to the party! Would love to help!
Hey Jessica! I’m send you a dm :)