Seeking AI/ML Product Managers (ethics leads, engineers, etc.) to interview for AI Ethics white paper :)

My name is Megan 😄 I'm the CEO & co-founder of daios. We are a deep tech AI ethics startup.

We're researching how to integrate ethical values into ML training data based on human feedback. We are seeking AI team members (i.e. Product Managers, Engineers, AI Ethics leads, Responsible AI Leads, etc) to interview for a white paper, especially those based in North America.

I haven't had much luck on Linkedin with cold messages 🙈 haha I thought I'd try to ask for help here 🙌

If you know of someone who fits the bill and would meet for a short chat (<15min), please let me know!

A little information about our project team:

I've been working in AI/ML for 5+ years. I've been COO twice. My background is in Philosophy and methodology of science, which inspired the current project :)

Andrew is our technical co-founder. He's got a computer science background and most recently was Director of Product, Automation at a startup. He's also an ex-founder.

Tom has a Ph.D. from Berkeley in Machine Ethics and Epistemology. He's currently doing a postdoc at Cornell Tech in Digital Ethics. At the moment, Tom is back at Berkeley for the summer running a discussion cluster on how to incorporate human feedback into AI systems.

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Senior AI Engineer here - happy to chat if I can help.
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Great, I'll send you a message in a sec :)