Why did you leave your previous job/company?

Hello wonderful humans!

I'm doing research for a YouTube video to help you answer the question: "Why did you leave your previous job/company?" - and I'd love your input.

Why did YOU leave it?

The more different reasons I can get the more response scenarios I can provide, so I really appreciate you for helping me!

I always had a plan to go to business school to accelerate my career and professional objectives! I also had reached a point where I had built everything I wanted to build and I could leave my legacy behind by making sure the team was in a place to run itself and scale faster!
That must have felt so good! It's almost rare when our plans work out without major roadblocks or destination changes, it's so amazing to hear that yours did!
Right! Things worked out so perfectly, I feel and am really grateful for everything that has happened to me!
I left because I had an unexpected opportunity to live in a place where I always wanted to live. I offered to continue working on one project remotely until they filled my position, but my boss declined. Three months later, they are still advertising the position.
I left one of those big tech companies for the same reason - relocating. Hey, they're clearly missing out more than you! If only people could think outside of the box
I worked at my previous company for 20 years, which is nearly unheard of anymore. In the last few years I I became very disenchanted with leadership as they were not forward thinking at all, and I felt their entire business model would collapse under the transformation of the industry we were in. I left three years ago, and although they are still around, I've thrived and grown tremendously since leaving.
If you could do it over again, would you still spend 20 years at the same company, or do you wish you had moved around more? Just curious.
Good question! Kinda tough to answer too lol. In some ways I wish I had left a lot sooner...but for at least half my time there, I enjoyed it and worked with great people. I think if I had left five years earlier it would have been ideal...
That experience made you who you are today, but it's definitely interesting to reflect on potential alternative career/life scenarios
Very recently left my job after a little over 3 years for a new role. Partly was because I wanted to transition into a different area of focus, but really more of it was because new leadership was brought in, they totally changed how our teams worked and worked with each other, and my team was essentially being cut out of the process leaving me very little to do, so it felt like there was no longer a need for me to be there. I also raised this issue with my boss on multiple occasions, but she didn't seem to take it seriously enough to ever talk with leadership or help get some answers for me as to "what is my job supposed to be now and what should I be focusing on," so I felt like they gave me no choice but to walk.
Sounds like you thought it through.
So happy to hear that you didn't let them push you aside and took control over your career! You gotta think for yourself and your growth + visibility to the leadership is very important. I hope you're in the place where you're getting all of that now!
- I wasn't growing professionally and my raises were paltry- Toxic environment, everyone took everything personally- DEI initiatives became more of a source of conflict than helpful or educational
I left my previously job (just a month ago btw) because:1. I want to transition to a different role2. I need time to study to transition to a different roleThe company is unable to support me to achieve this, so I left.
many things, but I think the point of no return was my manager lying to my face about a stupid factual thing which impacted my team and not apologizing about it when I had the truth. She had a history of really stretching things (during my onboarding someone told me never to let her write the meeting recap), but I couldn't work in a place where I constantly & actively had to triangulate every piece of info. (money was good, work life balance was good on paper, but the toxic atmosphere drags work thoughts into life space and the money doesn't make up for that)
I had very little things to do in my previous job and would often only have 1-2 hrs of actual work every day from my boss. I kept asking him for more work, suggested ideas and initiatives to take on, but he'd always shoot them down by saying they tried this and didn't work or they were not focusing on this at the moment. But then he was always super busy, would work nights sometimes weekends and I knew I could take things off his list if he'd let me. I was not only extremely bored but also couldn't learn anything new.
I had a very fixed role in my last company and I saw that that was not going to change despite us (my manager and I) having tried..I was given a new role but no one filled my previous responsibilities. When I asked to hire for help it was turned down. Also, most of the talent I trusted on the product team was quitting, and I also was always planning to move countries eventually. Everything altogether just made it make more sense to leave. I liked the company when I worked there though!
I was the first employee of a startup and was there for 5 years. Being there absolutely made me who I am today but after we got acquired, my boss, the CEO, had no time for me (I don't blame him, there was a lot going on and I was still relatively junior). On top of that, my department's goals and methods were particularly misaligned with the corresponding team at our new parent company, so I was in constant conflict with people much more senior than me, who didn't respect my ownership the way my original team had. Leaving a team I'd helped build was really hard, but I had the realization I could do my same job at another company WITHOUT feeling like I was fighting for my life every day.
I was there for a long time and it was time to move on.They had a good path for those who wanted to move into leadership but I found it difficult to navigate how to move laterally.
Because of org structure changes and multiple buy out/mergers, my role was cut, but they didn't want to lose me. They gave me a new role that they had planned on doing at some point in the future to keep me on. I was in that role for almost 3 years, but was told at that point, it would be at least 2 years more, if not 3 before I would be able do more than what I was doing. I wanted to keep growing, not sit around and hope they pulled the full trigger 2 or 3 years later. I was advancing my career, but the company wasn't really ready for it. I very much appreciated that they kept me in the first place and took a step they were not ready for. It was a fantatic opportunity that catapolted me to an advanced position with a pay bump. I am grateful for what they did for me, but I was really sad that I had to move on to keep moving forward. I miss it for sure, but I have learned so much already in my new places, I know I made the right decision.
I was laid off due to organization restructurig during covid 2020-2021.