Hi there,

I'm interested to know if anyone has a patent idea or working on a patent whether they are completing it on their own or with an attorney.

I have 2 patents myself, and have learned a huge difference in advice and costs between doing one with a patent attorney and one with an experienced inventor/innovator that does their own patents.

Would love to know your experience and how it went.


Maybe @ilona and @sallysimms can help on this as I know they've gone through the process a few yrs ago! Times have changed but who knows maybe some good lessons learned!
thanks @iynna, definitely times have changed. I paid a fortune for my first patent and only to find out that it was copied from an exisiting patent and slightly adjusted to what i wanted, that I had to spend each time to update and amend according to my specifics. 2nd patent I found someone whom I had an NDA signed and we went through the details of my patent, I was given great advice and how to add more value to it which in the end saved me thousands and time!