Land a *free* seat in an 8-week Public Speaking program

Thanks to Figma, Women Talk Design has *5 full scholarships* available for our upcoming 8-week public speaking program. ($800 USD value)

This upcoming program – our June 2022 cohort – is the last program this year with a Live Session chosen* for participants in Europe & Africa (we meet weekly at 5pm CEST, whereas our last program of the year meets at 5pm pdt).

The scholarships are designated for women and nonbinary folks from systemically minoritized and excluded communities. This includes, but is not limited to, women and nonbinary folks who are Black, Brown, Indigenous, multiracial, disabled, chronically ill, neurodiverse, and/or LGBTQIA+

Applications are due May 23rd. I encourage you to apply and help us spread the word!

*Note: Any woman or nonbinary person is welcome to join any cohort from anywhere around the world. Some are the Live Sessions might just be in the middle of the night which is why we alternate timezones cohort-to-cohort 😉