#CrowdSourcing for Part-Time Project Management Jobs

Greetings to all lovely Elpha members!

I am currently a full-time digital project manager for a global media company with a recently established presence here in Metro Manila, Philippines. Currently, I am looking for part-time project management roles. I am half of a trying-to-conceive couple. Hence, the need for an additional income stream.

I have demonstrated success in delivering SaaS, ERP, IT, and digital projects (web, mobile, immersive tech, digital marketing, etc). I can put in 4-5 hours of work daily starting at 10am EST.

Any leads will be very much appreciated.

Cheers and more power to all of us!

Hi Francoisa, thank you for posting! While I don't have anything in mind right now, I'd suggest checking any potential openings here (maybe there's a few part time opps) also tagged the job hunting community for increased viz. Best of luck in the search!!
Hello @iynna! Appreciate your response and for tagging the job-hunting community. I am visiting the Jobs section from time to time in the hopes of. Claiming new opportunities! Cheer!
Amazing! Also excited for your family project :)
Hi there, @francoisamae! If you're having any challenges with job searching, I suggest 1) having a support system to help you (coach/mentor/peers/community), 2) balancing your time across key activities like networking with professionals at target companies, joining professional events, producing thought leadership, researching target roles/companies, and measuring/reflecting/pivoting on a weekly basis, 3) having an accountability plan -- set goals per week, 4) consider how many roles/industries you are applying to (if you’re pursuing multiple directions you may want to reconsider which path is the best fit and makes the most sense for you to pursue), and 5) do self-care activities to make sure your mindset is resilient. Here’s some resources with more guidance: and, I’m Rachel. If you want to discuss further, check my profile to book a call to dive deeper into your goals/challenges.
Hello, @rachelserwetz! Appreciate your salient points. I do have a healthy network and support system. I am focused mainly on digital project management opportunities. I understand how spreading one's self too thinly does not help. Used to have several offers coming in but I wasn't open then. It's just now that I have the bandwidth to take on a part-time job or gig. I'll check the link that you shared. :)