Looking for a freelance social media manager

Hi Elpha community! I am the founder of a growing skincare company called The Skinsheet and I am looking for a freelance social media manager. If you are interested in learning more, or have any leads on groups or platforms to source great freelancers, please let me know. Thank you in advance!



Amazing! Would def love to hear more about the Skinsheet!@erinhagelios @KaylaA @dinapetrovic @mahanasser @sorayajherbert are all in social media with a ton of relevant experience so maybe a fit for you?!
Thank you Iynna! I so appreciate this! The Skinsheet is a range of cleansing cloths and face sheets designed to replace traditional cotton pads and wipes. They are made from a biobased cotton so they are gentle, versatile and sustainable. Send me your address if you would like to try! xxxxMF
Hi Mary! Congrats about your company's growth! You can count on me for any social media services you need. Here's my LinkedIn profile, although we work mostly with b2b clients, we also handle Instagram comm for Nosotras Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, and also Calipso. All of them are menstrual care brands. Hope to talk to you soon! Best,
Thank you Paula! I would love to chat! My email is [email protected]; will you shoot me a quick email so that I have your contact info?
Nice, this sounds so cool. Are you looking for support with creating content or managing the content across platforms?
Both! Is that going to be hard to find?
Hi! Not exactly. Each roles requires a different set of skills. Content creations is someone who can create compelling videos to present the product in a relatable way and can capture the attention of the viewers. While someone who is managing the content is focused on the organization of the workflow. This includes a posting schedule, creating the copy for each post and engaging with the audience. Happy to hop on a call to provide more info!
@aniquethompson - This sounds like a great fit for you!
Hi Mary. This sounds like a great product and opportunity. I'm connected with a talented fractional social media lead and content creator who could be a good fit. If you're still looking I'd be happy to connect you.
That would be fantastic - thank you! My email is [email protected]