What type of support do you find most impactful for your business?

I am exploring ways to make coaching more accessible for female business owners.

I'd like to hear about the types of support women find most impactful for their businesses (think anything from coaching to podcasts to courses etc.)

If you’re a female business owner, I’d appreciate, if you found some time to help with this survey:

Thanks in advance!

Is there a way you could change the name to something less … condescending/Sheryl SandbergyAs a woman who is working on a tech product on the side, who doesn’t come from money I am immediately turned off by the name “nudge me”. I feel like I am being treated like an idiot so I am really not inclined to click. I find it sooooo disturbing how there is an entire industry of coaching for women where we’re spoken to and treated like idiots by women who have very little experience but come from a place of entitlement where they assume women want to be coddled/babied/exploited by other women. Here’s what I want “money” if I feel anything that remotely sounds like an affluent urbanite who does yoga and has a rich husband and wants to tell people what to do from her privileged perk two hours a week then I am not going to click. The only thing that I would click on is a direct description of what the business does “I help with streamlining accounting processes” “I help managing your fundraising schedule”. The idea that I need a “nudge” sounds paternalising and condescending. Something along the lines of “organization” and “money” sounds legit to me anything that wants to tell me what to do, uses condescending language I am not going to click.
Thank you for your feedback! I can see that this topic makes you quite emotional. I absolutely agree that the current coaching world predominantly caters to affluent and wealthy people. And that the coaching industry is unregulated, therefor resulting with "women who have very little experience but come from a place of entitlement" as "coaches". I made the mistake of not including a longer 'spiel' in my original post. If you would have done the survey, you would have been able to read that we are working on a program to make coaching more accessible to all female business owners. If coaching is done well, it can be incredibly impactful. And there are also techniques that one can use on themselves to better reach their goals, whatever they are.All the best!
I just want to know why the websites are always ALWAYS pink! 😂 Seriously though, I do see the value in coaching and life support but yup… M.O.N.E.Y is the key! The kind of support I want in my business is access to some of THAT!