Email Etiquette

It is so amazing to be a part of this awesome community. I am new here and this is my first post. As someone who works in an official place and constantly communicates with clients over an email. I feel there is a need to understand a little more about communication and the best way to express that in writing through email.Here is sharing with other amazing ladies in the community who may need these tips. This post will come in parts. Here is part 1. We will break down the highlights, and in part2, we will go deeper into explaining them more.This discussion will be broken down into the following.1. Email Structure2. Language and ToneEmail StructureIt is important we understand that the email is broken down into 4 parts, which include.1. Subject of Mail2. Greetings3. Body of the Mail.4. Closing RemarkLanguage and ToneWhile communicating with clients(Internal and external client)) taking requests, resolving complaints, or sending an apology mail. Already, we have a boundary between us and the client since we can not have a one on one communication at that point, in that case, we can not detect the reactions our expression could evoke, putting this into consideration. It is important that our tone and language use is respectful, straight to the point, and covers enough context of the purpose of the mail, enough to answer the client questions and avoid back and forth in communication.Thank you so much for reading.