Leaving the FAANG league to take on a bigger role at a startup - thoughts?

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These are quite personal preferences - I've always worked at startups, but there's a lot of variance even within that. I think it's more the culture that impacts your enjoyment. I've worked at a startup I loved and also a startup that I found really frustrating, I've interviewed at large companies (ok, one big co) that really seemed to promote entrepreneurial spirit that would have probably been more startup-y/lean than one of the startups. I find my gut is usually right based on how much I respect the founders / the people I would be working with and whether we have shared values.
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@Margorie52 all really great questions, none of which are easily answered via text. I'm happy to help you and talk you through my experiences because I went through the same decisions in the last 5 years. Also, I've been in fintech most of my career so I can give you some perspective. Feel free to DM me and we can talk through your concerns.
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As the Founder of a Startup here is what I'd consider if I were in your shoes: 1. How much input and creative latitude do you want/need? In a startup if you negotiate that into your role, you may get more input with the CEO than you would at a FAANG type player. 2. What are the Startup's prospects for some sort of liquidity event (like going public or getting acquired?) If you're moving anywhere with a great track record and a FAANG past, the equity you get should hopefully offset the perks + package you'd get at a Neflix, etc. 3. What are your long-term career goals? Do you want to ultimately do your own Startup or be in the C Suite (CIO or CTO)? If so, a Startup is a great oppty to see or even do more across roles and business units (vs. being @ a bigger company where your role usually focuses on one area). That will be good for you if you're looking @ either C Suite or Startup Founder futures. Finally, 4. Do you love Fintech? Or do you LOVE what the Startup is doing? Startups are hard. Water starts pouring on the ship and it takes a pretty tough person to say, 'I'm going to grab a bucket, start bailing water and figure out how to plug the hole' even if this ship seems like it could do down vs. 'Help, I'm outta here'. A Startup Founder like myself needs you to be the bucket grabber. If you leave at the first onset of potential trouble or at a challenging juncture, it puts us in a very tough position and can even upset the delicate apple cart of staffing at a time you need your key players the most. I hope this helps! And all that said, if you love shopping, I'm looking for Co-Founders w/ your experience and background around transactional shopping that does have a Fintech element to it. If you like that better, PM me and we can chat! Tk care and good luck!