Thinking of switching from Product Management in Tech to Big 4 Consulting - Need Advice

Hi all,

I have a decade-long career in tech, having worked at marquee companies like Netflix. I started as a Software Engineer, moved into Product Management, dabbled with Operations and I currently do Product Strategy at an AI company. I am coming to the realisation that maybe my interests have changed -- big tech no longer excites me, and I would rather work on problems with multiple dimensions than spend my days obsessing over one product and its features etc. Basically, I am embracing the fact that maybe I like being a generalist. I am also an excellent writer, publicly known well for my thought leadership in the tech space, and I enjoy problem solving with customers as well as internal teams as a reliable thought partner.

I have struggled in the last 6 months in trying to figure out what I want next, and it's only now hitting me that maybe I should strive to get a consulting gig at McKinsey. My work experience is deep, and I am interested in figuring out the exact team or practice where I will be valuable enough to merit an Associate Partner or up position.

I don't have an MBA. An undergrad and 10 years of experience. I had preferred to work at a startup early in my career than to spend on an MBA. I do have a lot of interesting things, including a student entrepreneurship gig, experience in gaming, entertainment, AI, etc.

Has anybody made a similar move? How can I go about this plan (aside from just applying on the website) and what should I do differently?

Hello, I just made this exact move. I was working in a tech and wanted to use the skills I’ve learned to help a bunch of companies. In short - I regret it. Consulting is very hierarchical. Comp is low. Hours are long. The type of person who succeeds isn’t the person who has expertise but the person who is able to learn quickly and sound confident (but I’m shocked at how many people don’t know what they are talking about). When I worked in tech, I worked with so many folks who I respected. I’m Consulting, that group is much smaller. Also, in terms of industry, many companies are cutting/slowing down consulting budgets. Overall, wasn’t my best move.
Ah, this is so helpful. Thank you for sharing! We've all made one or more bad moves in our life. I'm sure you'll turn around yours.