New in ELPHA, Mexican CEO πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Hy everyone! my name is Karla, daisies CEO 🦄 I am very new to this community, but very happy that I can learn from other amazing women

amy tips on how I can get the best out of Elpha? 🤩

If uou can comment here I can follow you and get to know you! That would be amazing

Hi Karla!I think just try to truly be an active member of the community - comment on things that speak to you, share your thoughts, wins and challenges, that sort of thing :)I'd love to hear more about daisies- Liri
Bienvenida, Karla!I'm a technologist and an inclusion strategist with 20+ years of experience in digital transformation. I'm originally Spanish and I've lived in Venezuela, Canada, Greece, France, and now in the UK.My DEI journey was prompted by my dismay at realizing that fantastic women that had started with me had either quit tech tired of fighting over and over the same battles or given unappealing jobs when they came back from maternity leave (I don't have children myself).I’m writing a book about how women succeed in tech worldwide. I'm also a feminist life and career coach.As @LiriH said, comment on posts and ask questions. The members of this community are very supportive. You may want to meet virtually with groups that resonate with you. For example, the European Elphas try to meet every 15 days. I've also attended some of the Zoom monthly meetings and it's been a nice experience.I'd also love to learn more about daisies. We can connect on LinkedIn, Patricia