Looking to learn about your Skincare discovery process 💄👀https://forms.gle/rPerpfPycNL5mUrn8

Hi Everyone! I'm looking to learn more about the skincare discovery process for my start-up, Yours. We are building a clean personalised skincare using tech and we are backed by Sequoia.I'd be forever grateful if you could help fill out this 1 min survey 🙏https://forms.gle/rPerpfPycNL5mUrn8PS- We'd send you a gift card to thank you for your time :)
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Done! (Btw. tiny bug in the first question (option: "ad" is not clickable). I've answered "other" and by that I meant: mostly from cosmetologists.Great idea, I OBSESSED ON THE TOPIC and I definitely don't have my fav go-to online place.Fingers crossed!
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Thank you so much, Monika! Not sure why ads option didn't work for you as we got some responses on that one :( Glad to know you love everything skincare :) Tired of navigating through an ocean of information about skincare which is not easily understandable, I decided to simplify skincare and started Yours 2 years ago. Come join us on the skincare community- together.lovefromyours.com- we're simplifying skincare and making it fun to learn from skin experts and helping people connect with others who have similar skin profile as yours!